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Great writeup and review at Effects Bay!

Effects Bay is a killer site and blog that tracks the goings on in the effect pedal business. It’s run by people who LOVE pedals, gear, amps, playing, and finding cool new sounds. So when they say “This is a great sounding fuzz/distortion. We dug the creaminess of the fuzz, …

Artist Profile: Henry Kaiser

When I saw the email asking some questions about the Wave Cannon end with “Henry Kaiser, Berkeley CA”, I couldn’t let that last part go. So I had to ask: “Are you the Henry Kaiser, known for experimental and improvisational guitar playing?” What followed may be among the most interesting …

New video up and posted!

His features softened by an autumn of regular visits to his local pizzeria, our company founder still displays his frightening enthusiasm, unfortunate hairline, and inability to figure out whom or what to look at while he’s being filmed. The pedal is still pretty damn rocking, though.