Dreamed, designed, and created at our small batch distortery™ in Columbia, South Carolina.

Local Sourcing — Keeping it here in Columbi-YEAH!

October 22, 2010

So what are we doing to keep our business local in Columbia, our town?

Our powder-coating on the Wave Cannon was done by Matt and his team at Stuyck Company, on Shop Road. He chose a special shade of dark red that elicits “oohs” and “aahs” from retailers and customers alike.

Our industrial screen-printing is done by Velvetex, also down the street on Shop Road. Cindy, Bubba, and Buddy have done great work for us. I came in with a competitor’s product, asked if they could do something similar in quality, and a week later, came back to collect a box full of printed Hammond enclosures. But even better, when we had a problem, Velvetex made it right for us in an instant.

The self-adhesive neoprene bottoms for the pedals come from Action Rubber & Gasket Co. on George Rogers Blvd.  Our awesome t-shirts were printed for us by Frenzy Screen Printers, in Five Points. Will is a super guy and total straight shooter.  Delivery on time and as needed. We were sold when we saw their work on this iconic Columbia t-shirt.

Web hosting and design was done by Period-Three, and our logo was done by David Hunt Creative.   The red “Dreamed, Designed, and Created By” stamp on our pedal boxes was made for us by Smith Rubber Stamp and Seal on Lady St. in the Vista.

So why all these details?  Simple – when you buy a pedal from us, there aren’t a ton of fossil fuels getting wasted from samples being shipped back and forth. If I see a problem or a chance to do something better, I make a quick drive to visit our supplier.  The money from a Wave Cannon purchase also goes back into a variety of local small businesses in our community and helps keep our economy on its feet.

But most importantly, these people have helped us do great work.  If they offer goods or services that you might need, they deserve your consideration.  Scroll over the text for links to their sites (if available).