New front badge (thanks Velvetex)!

April 7, 2011

We used laser engraved badges on the first 125 Wave Cannons – 50 more than we originally planned.  When it became prohibitively expensive, our good friends at Read More

Random pedal inscription: Pedal #92

April 4, 2011

From Wave Cannon serial #92: “Somebody told me the graphic novel version of this pedal was better. Next time, I guess I won’t leave out the part about the pirate

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Effects Bay Q&A with Philippe

April 2, 2011

Effects Bay is a really cool site dedicated to guitar gear, effect pedals, and great tone. They recently introduced us to their readers by inviting Philippe to participate

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Artist Profile: Henry Kaiser

February 10, 2011

When I saw the email asking some questions about the Wave Cannon end with "Henry Kaiser, Berkeley CA", I couldn't let that last part go. So I had to
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