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New retailers & other fun stuff, (including a killer writeup from Fat Sound)!

August 27, 2011

We’re pleased to add three more retailers who are taking on the Caroline Guitar Co line: Fat Sound Guitars (Cary, NC), Effector 13/Devi Ever (Portland, OR), and Music Villa (Bozeman, MT). We’re pretty excited to be working with these new shops that will create opportunities for people to see, hear, and try out our wares.

To find a retailer in your area, check out our updated list here. To contact us about a shop in your area that you think we should reach out to, email Pat or Philippe from this page here.

We’re pretty pumped about Fat Sound’s take on the Wave Cannon:

We’d been hearing an incredible amount of chatter about Caroline Guitar Co.’s Wave Cannon from working guitarists all over the country and, as a result, had been dying to get one in our shop to check out. 

Once Philippe got his demo’ unit to us, it really only took Mike Ayers and me a few minutes of playing through each of our main rigs to feel pretty sure we both wanted one of these pedals and that we really needed to offer the Wave Cannon to our customers.

After several hours we were absolutely convinced! The Wave Cannon’s fairly simple and very straightforward, four knob design not only allowed both of us to quickly dial in organic distortion tones that we felt were among the best sounding and feeling that we had experienced via a pedal, but we quickly realized that we really hadn’t been able to dial up a bad tone even when we tried. We each found our personal sweet spots, but along the way never hit upon an unusable tone. 

Personally, I felt that the Wave Cannon was a perfect complement to all three of the rigs I used for the demo; it allowed me to simply add more gain, up to the max I would ever need/use, while retaining the wonderful tone and dynamic responsiveness of my amps without any discernible coloration. I also found it ridiculously easy to dial in a bit of desirable color in order to achieve many of the venerable, op-amp based distortion pedal tones of the late-70’s through mid-80’s. Tones that the iconic pop and rock guitarists from that era relied on heavily.

So, if I want almost zero coloration, but merely added gain, the Wave Cannon delivers. If I want to emulate classic 70’s through mid-80’s distortion pedals (with greater dynamics and true-bypass) I have that as well.

Each of the Wave Cannon’s four knobs, Shape, Gain, Treble Response and Volume have a perfect, ultra-linear range so that you are, essentially, always in a sweet spot.

This is an extremely simple pedal to operate that will cover mild to higher gain distortion tones without stepping on your favorite amplifier’s natural sonic beauty while retaining excellent dynamic control and taking up only a bit more pedalboard real estate than an MXR-size box. It may not replace every gain pedal on your board if, like Mike and me, you are all about multiple colors, but it very easily could be the only gain pedal most players would ever need.