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July 4, 2024 Special Limited Batches

July 4, 2024

It’s about that time. Happy birthday, America! Another year on the books. You’ve earned it!

We’re doing something ridiculous, as is tradition – and we’re rolling with a couple small batches of stuff that you’ve asked us to make a bit more of.

First off, we’ve made a special run of 20 Alpha Gain pedals in black!

Then we’ve made a special batch of 24 American Pizza pedals in camouflage!

These pedals look and sound amazing, and we’ve made a short clips video so you can hear them in action.

And of course, we have a new side hustle to promote: hot dog rockets. We’re gonna cut out those pesky middlemen demanding fancy things like “wages” and “safer roads” to bring you the food delivery service you need.


But in the meantime, we’re making and selling these pedals. Not pedal “pre-sales” or pedal futures. Actual goods and services!

We’ll be donating a portion of the sales proceeds on these pedals to the American Civil Liberties Union of South Carolina. Not only are they a good cause, but has there ever been a more uphill sounding name than ‘The American Civil Liberties Union of South Carolina‘?

Thanks again for supporting and enjoying our work. Have a great holiday