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June Mailer/YouTube One-Offs and Stuff

June 14, 2024

Hey! Here’s some curious and different stuff we have for sale. We’ve busy working on some summer specials and new releases and realized “whoa, we do have a handful of small things around here that people should have the chance to get.”

This isn’t one of the small things. We’re selling off this Mesa/Boogie single rectifier amp and road case here. LOCALS only. There’s no way we’re gonna ship this with the road case. It would be the only musical instrument heavier than a Norlin era Les Paul Custom. If we put this in a box and ship it, the gravitational pull would cause the parcel truck to disappear into a time/space continuum. But – if you are local or can make the drive here, you can get a great deal on a really cool, rock solid amp and road case. Why are we selling? Because we’re moving soon and cannot continue to act like gear hoarding dragons, laying upon piles of gear in our lair nestled inside Tone Mountain.
You can see more pics and buy it here.

We kept a couple of these special CROMs from the crazy crackle enclosures we kept around for a special occasion. These are higher gain in the standard mode, with the worn crazy finish and texture, and real deal Davies oxblood knobs. Turbo mode still turbos. Still wired by hand, because we can. Get it here on the Crom product page by selecting Special Edition.

And last but not least, we had this blem Meteore as a refurb and it’s sounding good and special and should be put to use out in the world. Take it off our hands by selecting it from the product page here.