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Kickstarter goal reached, Olympia development is a go!

July 29, 2011

We decided to use Kickstarter.com to launch Olympia, our newest fuzz pedal, on a whim. We set a goal of $3,000 hoping we would raise enough funds in the 30 days alloted. Turns out, we have not only reached the $3,000 goal, but surpassed it in less than 2 days! We are thrilled and want to thank everyone who contributed.

Who knew a video involving the oldest looking highschooler ever, a male model, and trippy ’60’s hippies could raise so much interest? We blame our intern’s lovely voiceover! So, check out our Kickstarter campaign, preorder a pedal or back us to get cool gear. Also, take a look at this press release about our recent success!