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The Wave Cannon is making its way across the Nation

August 4, 2011

The Wave Cannon at its first stop in California.

Here at Caroline, we have been running a tour box of our Wave Cannon. Fifteen people signed up via The Gear Page and then the pedal was shipped out for each person to try out for a week. The pedal started its long journey across the nation in California. After catching a few rays, the lil pedal made its way to the great corn fields of Iowa, appreciated how Virginia is for lovers, and has now landed safely in the Florida Keys. Next, the Wave Cannon is headed to the Big Apple, the home of Elvis Presley, the Peach State and beyond. Each participant has signed and dated the inside of the Wave Cannon and posted reviews and pictures of it in its natural habitat, like Travelocity’s “Roaming Gnome.” Here are some of the awesome reviews we have received:

– You guys are going to love the Wave Cannon…I’ve had mine for a few months and really dig it…hard to get a bad sound out of it…works very well with all my different guitars/amps…

– I’ve had the pleasure of playing a Wave Cannon a few weeks back. VERY cool pedal!! It’s even hard to describe. There are so many possibilities in it. You could use it for a mild overdrive all the way to a crazy, self-oscillating insanity fest which the pitch and intensity of the oscillation can be controlled by your volume and tone controls.

– Running the WC into my tweed Bassman… it was a perfect match. It seemed like no matter where I set the pedal controls the tones were very usable, and the gain went from an “almost clean” boost to sharp ’70s rock tones to pretty some fat fuzz tones. I can see why some compare it to a Rat, but it’s got a wider range of tones & doesn’t get fuzzy as quickly. It also retained the bass at all gain levels, and turning the guitar volume down cleaned things up reasonably well. I’ve been thinking about trading/selling the Bassman, as I don’t use it much, but the WC has me seriously rethinking that… I suspect I’ll be keeping the Bassman & getting a WC to run with it.

– I love it! I love the gain…very high, very crunchy (if ya want it that way)! Also I’m getting some Bender tones from it and low gain OD if I want. Extremely versatile and gets way loud (love it!!!!!!!!!) and I’ve only scratched the surface, I’m sure!

– The Havoc switch does exactly what it says it does. It causes major havoc with your sound… It turns the Wave Cannon into a snarling spitting fuzz machine, which to me, is tres cool! Turning the volume knob on my guitars up and down, created a strange lower modulation filtering effect that I could actually tune with judicious use of my guitars volume knob.I had a couple of guys listening while I did all this stuff and they both wanted to know where they could get one.

Bottom line is, this pedal is honestly as good as everyone says it is. I can use it as a boost, overdrive, true distortion and a killer out of control fuzz with the gain maxxed and the Havoc switch engaged.

I think anyone who loves dirt, overdrive, fuzz or all three would really dig this pedal!

– The Wave Cannon seems to have a pronounced hump around 800 Hz, which is perfect for leads or for fat beefy power chords. It would be perfect for someone who wants to play classic 70s rock [Thin Lizzy anyone?] or old school punk [the Clash comes to mind] As that is exactly my style, this pedal is right up my alley!

Just when I thought I was set with dirt pedals, along comes the Wave Cannon.
Darn you, Caroline!