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We don’t have anything to do with the new KLON – but thanks for asking!

March 29, 2012

We’ve been fans of Bill Finnegan’s legendary Klon Centaur pedal; I was fortunate to use one in the studio years ago and had trouble turning it off. Since Bill showed up at NAMM 2012 with a new Klon KTR prototype, and announced that he would be sourcing its production out, a number of people excited about the release have looked at the picture of the prototype on the left, seen our Wave Cannon™, and tried to put two and two together.

For the record, other than our interest as potential customers, we have nothing to do with the new Klon pedal, and Caroline is not involved in any elements of its design or production. There is also no connection between the new Klon pedal scheduled for release later this year and our Wave Cannon™ that we released in October 2010. I had the pleasure of chatting about this with Bill several weeks ago, as we have common friends who have done video demos for both of us, and Bill is a cool guy who is very passionate about his work. He also said that he did not see any resemblance between his planned final production version with completed graphics and our pedal.

Our plate is pretty full with what we have to build for our customers, and we’re flattered that people thought that after just about a year and a half into our endeavor, we could be the ones making the new Klon. – Philippe