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User Testimonial of the Day – 18 Oct 2010

October 18, 2010

This one came from a musician in Richmond, Virginia.

“Holy $#*! – Rich came to do some pre-production last night and brought his Wave Cannon. I can’t use my [competitor’s pedal] anymore because it self destructed after hearing it.

When I scrape together [the money] I am, hands down, buying one.

The design is great. I love the size of it and I think that the notched volume and tone knobs are genius. The flat surface on the back to put velcro is wonderful – You would think other pedals would have an option to have a rubber skid or not so its easier to put on a pedal board.

Great job, although I don’t appreciate you breaking my [competitor’s pedal].”

Good to hear!  (If you need us to repair that pedal, we can help with that too.)