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User Testimonials of the Week – 13 Nov 2010

November 13, 2010

The first of these is from James, a player in DC.  The second is from an unnamed editor of a very serious guitar mag. Let’s just say these have made my week.

James from Northern VA sent me these praises earlier this week, and we were pretty thrilled.

– the wave cannon rocks!  Bought #007 (how cool is that serial #!) at Action yesterday, so haven’t had much chance to explore it yet.  But it was clear to me right off the bat that it would find a place on my board.  Pumped aTS-9 into it, and it was gain-stacking heaven!   Also… you’ve hit on something that handles that full range… crunch to fuzz… really well.  Others I’ve tried, from TOP boutique guys, have fallen short.

– love your story, and that your finding success at what you love.  I too came out of b-school recently… 2007… and too have tried to shoe-horn myself into “typical” b-school jobs.  It’s not my thing, and fate isn’t letting that happen, thankfully, but finding my own path in a different direction has not been with out its pain!   Very inspired by your tale.

– love the devotion to sourcing nearly everything right there in Columbia.  Fantastic on any number of levels. I’ll be rocking the Cannon at gigs  Nov 20 and Nov 30 here in DC.  Can’t wait.  When the other bands ask me where all that amazing CRUNCH was coming from, I’ll point them in your direction.  Will also write a more thorough write-up of my experience of the pedal soon, in case you want more fodder for your testimonials area.

Thanks James, looking forward to it!  We are pretty thrilled, and glad you picked up a pedal at Action Music – those are super guys to deal with, and deserve your business.

The second message I wanted to feature this week was from an editor at a VERY serious guitar mag.  I removed his name and the magazine name, but this pretty much made my afternoon yesterday.

I just wanted to let you know that I’ve been using your Wave Cannon through my rig and it’s fast becoming my favorite distortion pedal. What I hate about it is it’s making me second guess all the other overdrive/distortion pedals I loved and relied on as not really as good as I previously thought. Sure, I fight a little more on this pedal, but it’s a rewarding battle. It’s really magical with single coil equipped guitars because it beefs up the glassiness of the pickups and is not too fuzzy or distorted, somewhere right in between those two frequencies—kind of like a Goldilocks of gain pedals. I love it. What’s interesting is I really don’t use the havoc switch at all but I like the fact it’s there..

I’m going to have to cave in and get your pedal or the Cannonballs. I thought I was done buying pedals. Ugh.

Congratulations, you’ve ruined me.

Hell yes.  THIS IS WHY WE DO WHAT WE DO!  Thanks guys.

– Philippe