Dreamed, designed, and created at our small batch distortery™ in Columbia, South Carolina.

Update: more retailers! (NYC, VA, SC)

November 20, 2010

Hey, another quick update.  Indoor Storm in Raleigh has pedals, along with Rudy’s in NYC and Action Music in northern Virginia.  Next week, we are sending pedals to 30th St Guitars in NYC, Winter Sound in Gloucester Point, Virginia, and Vintage One Guitars in Columbia, SC.  Click on any of the store names for links to their sites and more info.

We’ll be taking a break for the Thanksgiving holiday, so be patient with us as we make these as fast as we can. These are still the handmade Wave Cannon Customs, with the engraved badges. We’re trying a different local machine shop here to help us get the enclosures drilled the way we like, so those of you on our wait list might have a bit more of a delay.  We PROMISE to get your pedal done for you.