Dreamed, designed, and created at our small batch distortery™ in Columbia, South Carolina.

OH YEAH! New (a)retailer (b)cannonballs (c)country (d) continent (e) ALL OF THE ABOVE!

November 21, 2011

Now this is some good news to report! We just packed up an order for shipping to Deluxe Guitars in Melbourne, Australia! They are getting a full complement of Caroline pedals to go with their superb roster of boutique imports. That’s right, the Aussies are not only going to get to play with Wave Cannons…they are getting Olympia fuzzes, Icarus boosts and (wait for it) they are getting a pair of custom painted, one-of-a-kind CANNONBALLS.

Read on to find out more about these very special pedals and the terrific retailer there who is bringing them to you.

Both of these special pedals were painted by our friend and local artist Ansley Green here in Columbia, SC. Her self-bio says: “Ansley currently lives in Columbia, SC in a very old house, and has so many hobbies that she had to break up with a few. Currently she likes to cook using unconventional ingredients, knit/crochet, sew, and ride her bicycle. Ansley loves a good craft night with friends.” These are all humble understatements that serve as compelling evidence that artists should not write their own PR, even if everything is true. Ansley, spicing with fiction makes things more interesting! We can provide firsthand character witness that Ansley also does gorgeous illustrations, does first-rate graphic design, once murdered a mountain lion with a Hello Kitty Trapper Keeper binder, monitors the wheat intake of her gluten-loving housemates, tells some really funny stories if you can be patient, may (or may not) be exploring a foray into the world of sequential art/graphic novels, may (or may not) have been a pre-glasnost Soviet Space Camp trained cosmonaut, and is a staunch enthusiast for furthering the arts and creative endeavors here in Columbia. Ansley, like the people who make your pedals, is a good character.

The first of the two pedals, Cannonball #05, or as Philippe calls her, “Drowning Girl”, features our Wave Cannon distortion engine with a couple subtle tweaks, the aluminum knobs, and Havoc™ mode foot-switchable via a second latching DPDT switch and LED indicator. The blue light ‘on’ means be ready for the chaos. This is perfect for those of you who want to be able to stomp that havoc on and let it ride.

The pedal to the right, Cannonball #06 “The Lady of the Lock” also features a slightly tweaked Wave Cannon drive engine, with the option of the standard havoc toggle, or a momentary switch to trigger the oscillation while holding the switch down. Flipping the toggle to the right “locks” the pedal into havoc mode; leaving to the left means that the oscillation is now triggered by your foot. Consider these fun, aesthetically pleasing and one of a kind variations as our tributes to a country that gave us the fun and aesthetically pleasing Naomi Watts and Hugh Jackman. And yes, whoever gets these pedals gets to have a drink with us on our dime should we ever be in the same town, or if they ever decide to visit Columbia!

So who, pray tell, was the first retailer to decide to bring our curious brand of drivers all the way from Columbia, South Carolina to that glorious country/continent of Oceania? Deluxe Guitars in South Melbourne, that’s who. They carry some absolutely superb, known brands such as Nash, Suhr, Two Rock, Divided by 13, Fulltone, Jack Deville…and then there’s us! Deluxe offers superb custom work for pedalboard and rack system assembly, guitar repairs, and pro audio services as well. Introduced to Caroline by Brett Kingman’s superb online demo of our Wave Cannon™, Michael and the staff there took a real chance on us and were among the first to order Olympia and Icarus based on their promise and our commitment to great tone and fun. They are our kind of retailer, a definitive, trustworthy “one-stop-tone-shop” where people should go try things out, even if they end up buying something other than our stuff. If you’re in Melbourne, visit them on Union St and prepare to be amazed by getting to actually hear all that stuff you’ve only heard about.

And then buy one of our pedals. Just kidding. Buy ALL of them. 🙂