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December 22, 2010

I remember the first time I had the pleasure of browsing Musictoyz.com years ago. Here were all these fantastic brands and top-notch gear I’d only heard of…and then there was also all kinds of amazing stuff that I had yet to discover.  Now, we get to join the party, as Musictoyz.com is now carrying the Caroline Guitar Co. line, starting with our Wave Cannon.

Over the past twelve years, Musictoyz.com has been a terrific hip boutique alternative to the mega big box music stores. Their mission is to be on the cutting edge technically, to provide viewers with rich content, and the best and finest equipment to research and purchase.

We welcome and encourage interested customers to consider Musictoyz.com along with our other retailers.  They have superb experience in online ordering and delivery, and offer a stunning portfolio of products. Click on their image above to link to their site, and check out our Wave Cannon along with all kinds of other tasty, toneful treats!