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Mailer 2/24: New Video (PRS EG Bolt-On), random stuff for sale, and more!

February 24, 2023

Hello all! We have a new video out exploring yet another piece of 1990s gear that we enjoy here around the shop: a 1993 Paul Reed Smith EG-II Bolt-On. Was this early foray into F-style guitars the “original” Silver Sky? Why didn’t it take off? What do we love? What’s curious about it? This fab playing piece of gear vexes us like Maximus vexed Commodus in “Gladiator.” We are very vexed. It vexes us. We are vexed!

Now, here’s some more random stuff from our office that we’re putting for sale. How did we accumulate this? Don’t ask. Just don’t ask. (Basically, I’m in a weird decluttering stage and random stuff we come across that makes me think ‘somebody might need this’ ends up getting put up for sale.)

DiMarzio Tone Zone DP155.

Reportedly 99% the same bridge pickup that EVH approved of for the Ernie Ball Music Man EVH models in the early 1990s. This one is in double cream with standard 50mm spacing. Measures around 16.89k DCR.

This is a hot pickup but with its virtues. Are you going to play jazz on this thing? I mean, jazz is a very curious thing. It takes many forms. If Ornette Coleman had lived in the 21st Century and played guitar, what pickups would he have used? Or would he have simply installed small microphones under the strings and attacked it with an electric toothbrush or noisy old cell phone? I cannot be left alone to wonder about these matters.

In good shape with enough lead wire (about 12″). Did I mention double cream? SOLD

Seymour Duncan JB TB-4. Some things are ubiquitous to the point where we don’t appreciate them. I remember the first time I had played a Duncan JB in a while. It was in our Charvel San Dimas, and I was playing through a JCM-800 that Ben brought into our old workspace. Now, normally it might not have been my thing, that kind of overwound humbucker that was in almost every 1980s guitar with weird graphics and day-glo paint. I consider myself a man of more eclectic and unusual tastes. But when I fired up that 17.49k humbucker into the dirty Marshall, I felt like Johnny Lawrence peeling out in his ’84 Trans Am from a Pasadena shopping mall while thinking about his reign as All-Valley Karate champion. Or how I felt when I once splurged on a Big Mac, Coca Cola, and McDonald’s fries – the king of fast food fries.

If something can be called the Champagne of Beers, then maybe this really is the JB of pickups.

In good shape with wear and 7″ of lead wire. F-spaced (52mm).  SOLD

MESA BOOGIE SINGLE RECTIFIER TUBE COMBO AMP WITH ROAD CASE. You’re just going to have to trust me on this. You can see it in the video. I’m not going back into the office to take a picture. I was forgetful. Sorry. It looks great, in great shape, works well, sounds good (I tracked that lead part at the end through it) and has a footswitch and a ROAD CASE. You hear me? You can gig with this, pack it up, load it into a trailer, and pass out on your Econoline bench knowing it rides in a wheeled cocoon of foam. 50 watts and 1×12″ of power. $850 and local pickup in Columbia, SC. Come get this and we’ll have hangs too.

Thanks for letting us do cool things. More product updates and other fun stuff in March, I promise! And yeah, if you REALLY crave that 1993 EG-II from the video, email me from our contact page