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Frequently Asked Question #2

October 22, 2010

“What is the warranty and what does it cover?”

Our warranty is five years for the original owner, and two years on the switch.  This covers parts and labor, and does not cover physical abuse or misuse.

Important* – the Wave Cannon is to be run on 9VDC power, either from one of the industry standard regulated power supplies (Boss PSA, Visual Sound 1Spot, Voodoo Labs Pedal Power, Dunlop Brick, etc.) or a 9V battery.  DO NOT run this on 18VDC or AC power.  Don’t think “well, hmm, all I got is this 20VAC supply, let’s just try it out.”  When your pedal gets fried by using the wrong power, you’re going to be experiencing a difficult outcome my German speaking friends call tuffschitt.  Blowouts from wrong power are not covered by warranty, but we can fix the pedal for a bench fee.