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Let’s help out our pal Chuck.

October 20, 2014

sligh2 chuck_nessieChuck Sligh has been someone whom we’ve been honored to consider a friend.  He and his dog Nessie were recently attacked, so we’d like to do him a solid for all the support he’s given us. A portion of the sales proceeds from our limited edition Haymaker™ drives will go towards their care and recovery.

Here’s a little background on our relationship with Chuck. As the guitarist in Burnt Books and bassist in The Fishing Journal, he’s been a musician we deeply respect. Chuck once said something to me that was massively useful and meant a lot to me in the early development of our company. The long and short of it was that he wasn’t going to support us or buy anything from us just for being local. Being local isn’t enough. Making something kick ass is a good reason. Years later, being able to see Chuck at shows or around town and just shoot the breeze about gear, bicycles, bands, music, business, neighborhoods, foodies, or whatever has made me realize how much richer our lives can be when we are part of a community.

We were startled to see Facebook and Instagram photos of Chuck and his dog Nessie both in bandages. Chuck then posted the following to Facebook:
After an uneventful morning of errands, I had just arrived home at about noon when I grabbed Nessie to walk around the yard. Our larger backyard is not fenced, so I put her on a leash and traipse around so she can do her thing. After being outside for maybe 15 seconds, I noticed 2 dogs charging at us from across my next door neighbors also unfenced backyard about 50 feet away. Realizing that they were in fact the dogs that attacked Nessie previously I picked her up in an attempt to shield her. Then I began making my way to the door of our porch. The two dogs caught up with me just as I was stepping onto the stairs and began trying to rip Nessie out of my arms. I had Nessie clutched to my chest and my back to the attackers. Desperately, I tried to open the door with her pressed against it and me in between her and them. Every time I attempted to back up so the door could open, they would rip at my legs or jump at my arms to tear me and Nessie apart. One then bit my left leg with an indescribable amount of force and tried to drag me down off the stairssligh_nessie2 which pitched me left, but I still had Nessie in my arms so I twisted and fell on my right side. Miraculously, Nessie ended up behind me so once again I could be in between them. From a quasi sitting position I again hopelessly tried to punch or kick at the dogs to get them to let up for long enough to get inside the door which was maybe a foot away. Any limb of mine that got within reach became a target. They shredded the sweatshirt and pants I was wearing and directly bit me dozens of times. At one point I remember momentarily being dragged off the stairs by one dog while the other tore at Nessie’s hind and legs who was still clutched in my arms (who I was trying to cover with my body). After yelling for help for what seemed like an eternity, other neighbors arrived and Jonathan came outside which I suppose was enough of a distraction that I was able to heave Nessie onto the porch and shut ourselves in. While calling 911 I started to notice the severity of the injuries while Nessie hid in the kitchen. The long pants I was wearing were drenched in blood and I couldn’t really stand or walk. Nessie seemed banged up, but better then I expected. My other neighbors were asking how we were from a safe distance when the cops, animal control, and ambulance arrived. After a line of questioning I left in the ambulance for the hospital and texted my parents and roommates. Most of my wounds are too “erratic” to stitch, but I got a handful. Nessie has been seen by two vets and is now bandaged and resting. There’s more, but I’m tired of typing now.

As Chuck was literally our very first Haymaker customer earlier this year (as in serial number 1) and we’re releasing a limited edition of this pedal for direct sale, we feel it’s appropriate to donate a percentage of the sales proceeds to help with Chuck (and Nessie’s) care and recovery. If you’re interested in getting one of these pedals, click here to learn more or just go to our contact page to make payment and shipping arrangements.