Dreamed, designed, and created at our small batch distortery™ in Columbia, South Carolina.

Limited Black & Mint Haymaker – SOLD OUT

October 15, 2014


Also, a portion of our sales proceeds will go towards our friends Chuck and Nessie’s care and recovery. To learn more, read here.

I’m not going to lie – I LOVE the standard look of our Haymaker™ overdrive pedal. People see that green and assume we made a Tube Screamer™ clone. Nope. That leaf green and yellow scheme screams John Deere, Americana, and big open tones – f^&k yeah! I mean, how could we call it Haymaker and NOT use those John Deere colors?

But when we had a chance to get a batch of enclosures made in a special matte black with mint green writing, we couldn’t pass that up. No way. This combination looked so fun, yet dangerous. I’m normally not much for black pedals as they can look too safe or boring for my tastes, but with the minty green writing, the whole effect came across like a photo negative of our standard. So we dig it!

Did you want to hear a demo? Well, let’s see…what might we have here….

We did a matte black run of our original Wave Cannons and people were really excited, so this time we’re going to try this matte black run as a direct, limited sale. The price for the limited black Haymaker overdrives is $199.99 + shipping. There are no returns, the five year warranty applies, and if you have a problem we will make this right for you no matter what.  Email us here with your Paypal info or your best contact info if you’d prefer for us contact you to run a card over the phone. There are thirty of these, and when they are gone, they’re gone.

Now, here’s my mini rant – I’m never crazy about the Stockholm Syndrome that happens whenever some overheated over-hyped overdrive arrives in our business. Some guy comes from seemingly out of nowhere, brags about having created the latest and greatest thing ever, people pay him money and wait while he holds them hostage, and next thing you know there’s a sixty page thread about them on a discussion forum, and people looking at it might think “well, he’s ripped off all these people…but there had to be something to this…maybe it won’t happen to me” and for some crazy reason, gamble on the sketchy character instead of going any number of other tried-and-true companies who’ve made their livelihood on keeping their promises!

Well, if that’s your thing, WE AIN’T GOT TIME FOR THAT. Since our goal is to be a grown-up company run by adults who do things the right way, here’s how we’re going to do this instead: we will not take money or ship any of these until we have them all ready and ready to go within 24 hours of receiving payment. You want a pedal in time for the weekend? Well, if you’re in the US, if you order it by Tuesday, you’ll probably get it in time, and if you are east of the Mississippi, you have until Wednesday – dig?

This is how capitalism is supposed to work: we provide a good or service, you pay us, we deliver. Sounds simple, doesn’t it? Thanks for digging our work.