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Archer Avenue Studio blog on our pedals

November 10, 2011

Archer Avenue Studio is a terrific recording studio run by Kenny McWilliams and Eric McCoy.  They put up this fantastic blog post about our pedals. We can testify from our personal experiences that serious producers and engineers are extremely discriminating about their gear, and Kenny and Eric fit that bill exactly. From their history working with independent label artists and recording budgets, they can’t be gear hoarders, and they always on the hunt for things that will make their artists’ tracks outstanding. Their tools have to be great, or they have to go.

When they say the Wave Cannon puts his “other overdrive/distortion pedals to shame”, the Olympia “is versatile enough that I immediately knew I could find uses for it”, and that they “have a  hard time turning [Icarus] off at all”, it means a great deal to us. The same personal commitment to great performance is inside every pedal we make – click here to find out where you can get one for yourself.