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User Testimonials – 3 February 2011

February 3, 2011

You know, it’s been a while since we posted some more of the great stuff people have written to us since we released the Wave Cannon last winter. Let’s see some of the very nice comments that keep us motivated and inspired.

Mark M. from Atlanta is a great player whom I’ve followed on the discussion forums with a great blog about scalloped Stratocasters. (No, it has nothing to do with seafood, and they aren’t wrapped in bacon. Mmm. Bacon.) He wrote: “I have to say this pedal is loads of fun. It’s great to have such a wide range of tones to choose from too. I have had a couple fuzz pedals over the past few years that sounded okay, but were always too soft on the attack for my tastes. The Havoc switch is just nutz! You can do so many weird things with that. This is certainly not a cookie cutter pedal that copies something already on the market.”

Colin K. is a killer musician from NYC working on a super cool project, the details of which must remain secret for now. “I used your pedal on a couple recent things we did.. Ran it dry and direct on one track, and also with a slap delay on another – awesome results, I think. I’ve tried bundles of boutique fuzz/overdrive pedals (I own far too many), and yours is by far the most wide ranging of the lot. Aggressive, with a great depth of sound, it also has a transparency that makes it usable for rhythm guitar as well. Nice work!”

K.H. knows boutique gear – his shopmates call him Google for his exhaustive, encyclopedic knowledge.  “I got serial number 50 today, and am ‘head over heels’ for it – lol. I’ve owned 150+ guitars and over 75 amps all high end. Probably owned 10 different boost pedals and 15 just for weird noises though I’ve never considered myself a pedal guy. Well I consider #50 to be one of the finest pieces of gear I’ve ever laid hands on and by far the coolest pedal…nigh on perfect in my opinion.”

G.Q. in Queensland, Australia(!): “Takes the distortion from zero to madness (but controlled).  Gave my amp’ an even warmer overdriven sound. Yes, it will crunch and overdrive (at low volume). In summary my adjective list = Warm honey, liquid custard, caramel to my ears. Madness = Face shredding, paint stripping, concrete cracking, jack hammering, acid burning, mind numbing, Grandmother disturbing, dogs barking, balls to the ball sound and more intriguing and hotter than an “Indian curry”.

Seth G writes: “Totally diggin Wave Cannon #8, which I picked up at Indoor Storm a few months ago. Tuttle Carve Top Special or Tuttle 60’s S > WC > HBE Mimic > Boomerang > Port City 12. Setting the WC to a moderate overdrive results in the warmest and most natural sounding overdriven tones with my guitar volume at 10, perfect amount of sustain, and full, fast, organic rhythms by rolling the guitar volume back. Jonesing for a second WC to have one fixed and one to tweak!! Killer pedal!”

And finally, from J.J. in Richmond, VA – “Dude, I don’t know how you did it, but you did. I couldn’t have asked for the sounds I’m getting from this thing… I almost like it better than my Marshall, and I certainly like it better at low levels…My use for it is just to crunch things up a little and the tone it has is… phenomenal? Is that a strong enough word? Wow. Just plain wow:-)”

Thanks all. We care deeply about this stuff, and your praise convinces us that we are doing this the right way. And if we’ve misquoted anyone, please let us know. 🙂