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New retailers and other good news!

March 8, 2011

More fun news, testimonials, and other goodies after the jump!

Some fun quick updates: we’ve added three new dealers in the past two weeks – Rock and Roll Vintage in Chicago, Prymaxe Vintage in New Jersey, and Blvd Music in upstate South Carolina! These are great retailers who carry lots of nice stuff – so if you are in the area, check them out! We are honored that these fine “tone wineries” have decided that our grape juice passes muster.

We are pleased to announce that Whiskey Tango Revue, featuring Chris Paget and Rhodes Bailey (two of the very first people to buy our Wave Cannon), won the St. Patty’s day competition here in Columbia and will be playing the big main stage on March 19th. What you say? A country act using Wave Cannons? Have you forgotten that some of us Southerners prefer our meat country-fried? Sometimes you gotta bring the heat!

Got some more great testimonials to share and post: this fine Knoxville musician Fletch Stewart, profiled here, sent us the following:

You have absolutely blown my mind with your wave cannon, (not to mention TWO of my favorite dirt boxes off my pedalboard!) I have the unique position of being able to take home stomp-boxes and try them with my rig, and consequently have blown through hundreds of pedals over the years. Your Wave Cannon is heads and tails above the rest. From clean boost, fat grind, total saturation, the whole spectrum. She is not going to leave my board. With the havoc switch I was able to conjure up half-cocked wah, MXR blue boy, and wild self-oscillation. Nice touch!! I have toured all over the country with bands like Odd Order, The Cheat, and Luminoth, and I have seen and heard a TON of gear. This little bastard will sit next to my Malekko and give people hell. I have never wanted more than one of the same pedal before this. Thanks!!

No sir, thank you!  And here’s another one from Chuck A., a longtime frontman and guitar player for a number of noteworthy acts in Washington D.C.:

I just wanted to let you know how much I’m digging it.  I’ve been using a [cough, cough] exclusively for over 20 years.  Anyway, I A/Bd the [ahem!] and the Wave Cannon and found that the Wave Cannon can do everything the [redacted] does and MORE!  I found it easy to re-create my [excuse me!] tones on the Wave Cannon; however, after A/Bing the two pedals I started to notice that the Wave Cannon gave the tone more openness and presence.  With some minor tweaks, the “I just need a bit of boost” settings gave me a great dirty/jangly tone that I’ve been looking for on the [humhmm!], but have not been able to find. It’s a great pedal – I’ll be sure to spread the word!

Thanks! And all our best to people as we get to keep on doing what we do.