Dreamed, designed, and created at our small batch distorteryâ„¢ in Columbia, South Carolina.

Mike Hermans at MusicToyz demos Olympia and Icarus!

December 4, 2011

There are certain things in this world that we know are just bangin’: the brisket foccacia sandwich from the Bone-In BBQ Truck, the manner that a healthy Polamalu patrols the secondary for the Steelers, an ‘old fashioned’ prepared the way we like at Speakeasy or Goatfeathers, and Mike’s demo work for MusicToyz, one of the first retailers to take a chance on our small batch distortery. Check out his fine work after the jump.

Mike did some fine work for us on his Wave Cannon demo, and now he takes on Olympia and Icarus. There’s also great photography and production from Marc and Teddy at MusicToyz. First off, Mike brings the thickness with Olympia. Check out how fat and powerful it sounds in these clips. This is the fuzz we always wanted for ourselves. Now it can be yours.

And now, here’s Icarus. You can hear it clip a tube amp in the first and third tracks, and then just making guitars sound bigger and more beautiful in the second and fourth.

To get your own Olympia, Icarus, or Wave Cannon, show MusicToyz some love, or visit our retailer list to find a location where you can try them out.