Dreamed, designed, and created at our small batch distorteryâ„¢ in Columbia, South Carolina.

APRIL FOOLS! It’s “The Blues”….(oh wait, it’s real)

April 1, 2021


THANK YOU AGAIN for supporting our work and letting us do cool (and sometimes silly) things for the good of our customers and community.

To join us in supporting the work of our friend Sherard, visit here.

To check out the fine work of our collaborator Reaves Woodworks, visit here.

Papa Jazz Record Shop was kind enough to let us film before opening. They rule.

Ben Walker (“John Donson”) helps us with graphics and he oversees our t-shirt screenprinting at Image Ink.

Video produced by The Pierson Collective. They are a total pleasure to work with and we vouch for them without reservation.

Enjoy the video, it’s amazing. – Philippe