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A great Icarus testimonial, from somebody who knows good sound.

March 1, 2013

This is one of those pretty darn cool times. I received the following email from a customer named “Tom” in Nashville, TN.

Hi – I received my Icarus last wk and I just wanted to mention how much I love it!
This proves all clean boosts are not created equal, that’s for sure. I also notice at high gigging volumes that the 18V makes a difference in a competitive band mix….
…its relatively subtle, but there is definitely more pick attack that pops thru and the pedal is a little ‘larger’ and rounder sounding.  Just seems a bit more ‘alive’ at 18v when the whole band is rocking. The tone control is super useful and it voiced wonderfully –

I play a Marshall AFD100 with 4 x 6550’s and its a “above 2k” beast – that little tone knob allows me to get the hi-end just right with the volume du jour and my different gtrs. Its alot easier than messing with the mid-treble-presence combination on the head all the time.
Anyway – great job – I can’t imagine playing without it now. One of those rare pedals that meshes right in and becomes part of the amp rather than seeming/sounding like an ‘add-on’.

I really liked this email, so I asked the writer if we could quote him. This was his reply:

Sure Philippe, you can use a quote. FYI, I am the FOH (editor’s note: front of house sound) engineer for Keith Urban, if that adds some street cred to any quote you might wanna use.

Uh, wait, uh…absolutely YEAH! As in Tom, this guy – front of house engineer for Keith Urban, Alice in Chains, Garbage, Marilyn Manson, ZZ Top, Stone Temple Pilots, Veruca Salt, Shakira, and countless others. So yeah, when a guy who is trusted to run the sound for these stars has one of our pedals in his personal rig, that does add some cred in our book.

We’ve said that we’ve always aimed our stuff to rock out live and fit well in a mix, and this person tells us he uses one of our pedals for his personal rig, that is some serious affirmation. We assure you that the Icarus™ that Tom purchased is the same one we make for each and every one of our customers, available from our great retailers. To find one for yourself, visit our retailers list here.