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What does it sound like? Matt Warder & Eddie Berman demonstrate!

November 26, 2010

One of our longest term friends has been Matt Warder, a former bandmate of Philippe’s who had a fair measure of minor league rock stardom in the Morgantown, WV based band The Argument. One of our newest friends has been Eddie Berman at Indoor Storm music store in Raleigh, NC.  Both have recorded some excellent sound files that display the awesome sound of the Wave Cannon.

When I first met Eddie through our mutual friend, producer/engineer/musician Rich Stine, he won me over with his generosity, advice, and some SERIOUS chops. The tones he dialed up were Fuzz-Face influenced grind, but with superb touch sensitivity and responsive to changes in his attack. This demo that he recorded with a very nice Suhr guitar and amplifier is obviously not his first rodeo with high-gain tones, and we recommend checking it out.  At the :23 mark, he can’t resist the “Havoc” switch either. 🙂

[Click to hear Eddie Berman’s demo here]

Matt Warder and I have often sung the praises of the ZVex Box of Rock™, a superb pedal that justifiably establishes the boutique pedal standard for “classic Marshall amp in a box” sounds. When I sent Matt our Wave Cannon, one of his first comments was “yours does that Marshall thing pretty damn well too.”  To demonstrate, Matt dialed up a setting that ably plays to the BOR’s strengths, found something comparable in the Cannon, and then recorded lots of sound files where he switched back and forth between the two pedals while firing away with his ’69 Gibson SG.

We’re going to post a taste of what he sent us. The first passage of each lick is Matt with the BOR, the second is the Cannon.  (We seriously mean this comparison with all the respect in the world. As huge fans and customers of Z.Vex and his fine work, we feel the Cannon also has a special dose of mojo as well.)

[Click to hear Matt Warder (BOR/WC)]

Thanks to both of these guys for these excellent demos!