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Olympia manual & t-shirt done, first Kickstarter pedals shipping now!

October 3, 2011

Today was a great day – our Olympia™ manual was finished, and is available for viewing and download here. All the credit in the world goes to our Kickstarter campaign supporters, especially our top backers. We look forward to buying them drinks and assigning them conversation topics. Or, if there are topics which you would like for us to assign, please feel free to email us your preferences. If they get really interesting we may even record these for a podcast.



We’ll begin shipping Olympia pedals this week to our top Kickstarter donors, and building them out as boards arrive for the next round.  Philippe is pictured in our stylishly understated Olympia t-shirt here with real life guitar hero Brad Whitford from Aerosmith. This man has written and performed some of the greatest rock riffs ever. Getting to see his eyes light up when we switched the Wave Cannon to Havoc™ mode was one of our highlights from the Southeast Guitar and Amp Show!