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Holiday Miracle! Flash Sale on very limited exclusives

December 17, 2020

The limited Megabyte Specials and Somersaults have sold. Thank you so much!






And finally, we have reloaded lots of our fave t-shirts for you, including this marvelous limited #notpedalbored in festive holiday green. Yep. We’ve been seeing people use that #notpedalbored hashtag for a while. In face,  WE came up with it in March 2014, made a drawing that got people big mad, and then decided we just had to make shirts of that drawing. Enjoy it folks. And attached are the PayPal link for a couple of our other shirts too. We’re knocking 10% off them for the holiday, because this is just not the season for you to be shirtless.

Pizza Shirt Sizes

#notpedalbored size