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(also – we’re sorry for the current shortage in XXL, we’ve had a run on those. we’re gonna work on something special for that soon)

Hawaiian Pizza Shirt! This classy heather indigo blue shirt is a very comfy and stylish way to announce your commitment to pineapple on pizza – or at least to modern classic fuzz pedals committed to that mix of sweet and savory.




Pizza Shirt Sizes

Lo-Fi/Wi-Fi T-Shirt! This comfy grey t-shirt feels like the softest pillow ever. And yes, we are well aware of the irony involved in that we are on the internet, selling you a product encouraging you to spend less time on the internet. Here’s industry legend Analog Man wearing his, and Philippe is wearing one in this video.



Météore Shirt!
Our best selling pedal ever deserves a relaunch of the classic tee that we gave our limited advance customers in 2015. This army green shirt looks great on stage, in the studio, or at home while we stay busy getting ready for those days to return.



Meteore Shirt Sizes

Megabyte shirt! We did it, friends. A successful follow-up to the Kilobyte “gateway drug to booteek” pedal deserves an updated accompaniment to the ubiquitous Kilobyte
“TI Invader” shirt. So this time, we went with a late 80s IBM PS/2 sand color and a rainbow attack instead of black and white. Can you dig it?


Mega Shirt Sizes


If we have to wear clothes, let's make them ones we'll enjoy.