ESP Jake E. Lee Guitar


Made in Japan ESP Jake E. Lee Signature guitar. Serial number indicates 1995 as the year. A HSS strat-style configuration with a hardtail bridge, a 24-3/4″ scale length, in well played but still very good condition. Recently set up with 10-46 gauge strings. Plays and sounds bad-ass. Two ESP custom single coils with the distinctive JEL reverse slant, and Gemini Pickups PAF in the bridge.

Like a lot of guitars that have piqued our curiosity over the years, we always wanted to get one of these, drive it around for a spell, and then follow the campsite rule and pass it on down even nicer than we found it. The original Duncan JB that these came with was long gone by the time it arrived with us, so we installed this handwound humbucker by the brilliant Gemini Pickups into the thing. It cooks and balances much more nicely than the JB would, BUT if you’d prefer a Duncan, we also have a zebra Duncan Custom we could install instead, so let us know here.

Ships with a gig bag, nicely packed and insured for the purchase price. USA shipping is a flat rate $100 – for international shipping, actual charges will be invoiced prior to delivery.

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